Family desperate for answers about daughter's disappearance

Paula Fielder is not in law enforcement.

And she isn't an activist.
"This area down here probably about, would say a quarter to a half mile down here, is where the car was," she said, motioning to a large plot of land in Love County, Oklahoma.
She actually just a loving cousin. And she's headed up a search for her relative, Molly Miller, since the 17-year-old disappeared in July.
"This entire area, we've been all over it," Paula said, "there's nothing that we haven't hit here until we get to the Nipp property."
Molly was last seen near a friend, James "Conn" Nipp's land. According to an affidavit Nipp was driving erratically and ran from officers in nearby Wilson on July 7, hitting speeds up to 120-miles an hour.
Molly and a new acquaintance Colt Haynes were in the car, according to the affidavit.
"Since that time Molly Miller and Colt Haynes are considered missing persons," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Ronnie Hampton. The family never knew what happened.
At first, law enforcement chalked it up as a runaway.
"You can't get search warrants when someone is just simply missing," Hampton explained, "you have to have a crime you're investigating."
So Paula and the family started the search on their own, hoping for a sign or even a body.
"We would come up when the sun came up and we would go home when we couldn't see anymore," she said. That lasted for three months. They requested and received permission from almost every neighbor within miles of the Nipp property to search their land. And eventually the damage done by the chase that night in July gave officers the chance to open an investigation. They found the car in question on an adjacent property and had it processed. And they tried to question Nipp.
"Conn never wanted to talk to police," Hampton said, "and as a matter of fact asserted his right to remain silent."
Thursday he appeared in county court for charges related to the chase. Back at the property, his family declined an interview.
Several agencies are now actively working on what happened to Colt and Molly, including Love and Carter Co Sheriff's Office, Chickasaw Light Horse Police, OSBI, OBN, Wilson, Lone Grove and Ardmore Police Depts as well as the U.S. Marshals.
But if anyone knows what happened, they're not yet talking.
"What you have to understand is, that may take years and not months," Hampton explained.
The family says they'll work as long as they have to, in order to find answers about where their loved one has gone.
The family has set up a Facebook page to help find Molly. Click here to visit the page.