Fallen vets honored at Memorial Day ceremony

Today hundreds of Oklahomans took time to remember those who died for the freedoms Americans enjoy. A solemn ceremony was held to honor them at the Oklahoma National Guard.Veterans from all recent wars honored their lost brothers and sisters."We all lost friends, those that were there lost friends," said Jerry Berryhill, who served in Vietnam.It was a chance to meet others with similar experiences."I met all kinds of people from the air force out here," said airman Dave Lowe.And it helps them mark the one day a year solely dedicated to those who are no longer here. "Sacrifice without remembrance is meaningless," said Col. Devin Wooden who delivered the key note address, "and it's important we continue to teach our young folks how important events like this are."He says don't confuse it with Veterans Day - Memorial Day is for those who died while serving. At the ceremony Monday, hundreds attend the solemn celebration to give thanks."Freedom's not free," said one attendee.Some in the red white an blue-dressed crowd had no military ties. They ranged in age from infants to the elderly."That just tells me that the United States is live, well and strong," Berryhill said, looking around at the crowd.The veterans in attendance remembered their wars and the friends they lost, who even years later, they still consider family. "That's what that is all about, we are a brotherhood," Berryhill said.All serving one common goal: freedom