Fake Facebook Pages Nets Solicitation Arrest

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office says a fake Facebook profile set up by the Internet Crimes Against Children unit led to the arrest of Lucas Fenn, of Oklahoma City.An undercover deputy posed as a 14-year old girl living in the Yukon area. The fake profile was complete with a history, photos, and profile comparable to most teenagers. Officers say 33-year old Fenn began developing a dialogue with the teen that turned sexual in nature. The two exchanged private messages for several days before Fenn stated he'd like to be the first to have sexual intercourse with the girl.Officers say Fenn's messages became extremely graphic. They determined their investigation developed enough for an arrest and they made contact with Fenn at his Oklahoma City residence. Officers say while questioning Fenn, he admitted he knowingly pursued sexual relations with an under-aged person on Facebook and they placed him in custody.Fenn was booked into the Canadian County Jail on charges of Soliciting Sexual Conduct of a Minor by use of Technology and Violation of the Computer Crimes Act. His bond was set at $55,000.