Extreme dieting while pregnant

We reported earlier on the disturbing number of women who suffer from eating disorders while pregnant- at least one in 20.
Women face pressure to have a perfect baby bump and slim body immediately after delivery.
One woman's extreme diet while pregnant is getting a lot of attention, but she says more women should follow her lead.

Australian beauty Loni Jane Anthony has been making headlines throughout her pregnancy for eating lots of bananas. Often, more than 20 a day.
"Obviously that's why it caught a lot of controversy, because people think all I eat are bananas," said Anthony. "But that's not the case."

Anthony follows the "80-10-10 lifestyle." That's 80% carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein. Mostly all raw fruits and veggies.
We spoke with her via Skype at 36 weeks pregnant to find out if she's still able to stomach all those bananas.

"Some days I can," she said. "Other days I just can't fit it in. I just don't have the room in there anymore."

Photos of Anthony's slender figure and healthy meals have brought her more than 150-thousand followers on Instagram.
Her fans call her an inspiration. But is it healthy for a pregnant woman to follow such a restrictive diet?

"It's not absolutely against the rules to be vegan or a vegetarian," said Integris Canadian Valley OB-GYN Joseph Mitro.
Dr. Mitro says if she's consuming enough calories, the diet could be healthy. "But certainly there's a potential for a reduced intake for certain appropriate vitamins, nutrients and minerals," he warned.

Dr. Mitro says expectant moms only need an extra 300-500 calories a day. Healthy weight gain varies, but it should usually be between 25-to-35 pounds.

Anthony said she's in that range and has added more fats from nuts, seeds, and avocados into her diet.

More common than not gaining enough weight, pregnant women often gain too much weight, which is also dangerous for mom and baby. "Pregnancy is not a free ticket to just eat everything you want to," said Dr. Mitro.

"If you were to see a pregnant woman sitting there, binging out, it's really looked at as completely normal," said Anthony. "And I completely disagree."

Anthony said by sticking to her lifestyle, she's been able to avoid swelling, exhaustion, and feeling depressed about gaining too much weight.
She fired back at critics who say she's malnourished and hurting her baby. "I'm taking responsibility 110% for my own health and my baby's health."

Anthony is due in less than two weeks with her first child. She's planning a natural water birth, and plans to post lots of pictures for her growing group of fans.