Experts say powerful video a good warning about leaving kids in car

A video with a very simple message is going viral. "One Decision" is a reenactment of how easily children can be forgotten about in a car and what it's like for them once trapped inside. Child care experts say the video is a good was to spread the message about the danger.

The problem has been especially bad this year. Katie Mueller with Safe Kids Oklahoma said more cases have been recorded this year than any other summer. So far, four children in Oklahoma have died after being in a hot car.

"As much as you can't imagine leaving your child in the car, it does happens (to) very well meaning parents, very well meaning grandparents," Mueller said.

Although this Oklahoma summer, has not been as brutal as in years past, the inside of a car can still become dangerously hot in just a few minutes.

"It takes as little as 30, 45 minutes to an hour to get that temperature from outside temperature to 50 to 60 degrees warmer inside the vehicle," Major Tim Long with the Oklahoma City Fire Department said.

Oklahoma City Fire has received several reports this year to check on kids left in the car.

"That's what we're here for, that's what you pay your tax dollars for. We're here for you and we can always go out there and prevent something needless from happening," Maj. Long said.

While the mother in the video is shopping, a couple of people pass her car and notice the baby, but do nothing. Mueller and Long both said all of these people should have called 911 right away.

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"Even if a child is only in there for a few minutes, take action, really do something about that," Mueller said.

The number of views on the video has nearly doubled since Friday. Nearly 600,000 people have clicked over.