Exclusive: Surveillance video shows moments before deadly van vs building crash

© The Pizza Planet restaurant following the crash Monday night.

The Pizza Planet restaurant on the corner of Northwest 16th Street and North May Avenue was already rebuilding Tuesday afternoon following a tragic accident Monday night.

Police told FOX25 a woman driving a van crashed into the building.

"It's like somebody was bombing the building," said co-owner Jaswant Singh. "It's like somebody was shooting from outside."

Singh was taking orders when the car slammed into the front of the building. FOX25 got a hold of surveillance video from the Solids N' Stripes Billiards Supply store across the street. It shows the moments before the impact.

Oklahoma City Police told FOX25 the woman driving the van dropped her cell phone and became distracted. Police says she took her eyes off the road and the van drifted, crashing into the building. The impact caused part of the wall to fall down on 47-year-old Michael Young. He died from his injuries.

"Right now on the surface it appears to be just a tragic accident," said Gary Knight with the OKCPD. "However, the investigation is still in its early stages."

Police said the driver did not appear to be intoxicated and was not arrested. They said it's normal not to have an arrest if no obvious signs of driving under the influence are present.The investigation is expected to take a few weeks. The District Attorney will decide if charges will be filed.The victim's friends own the pizza shop. They are still coping with the loss.

"It's a very devastating time," said friend Deborah Jordan-Jackson. "He's going to be greatly missed. He was an angel."

The owners told us Young used to work for the pizza shop. Young had stopped by Monday night to catch up the owners.

"He wanted to let us know that he bought a new car and he wanted to say hi," said Singh."It's hurting us because he was a really nice good guy, " said co-owner Neelam Kumari.

Young was single and had no family in the area.

"We were a family and we had good times," said Jordan-Jackson.

His friends told FOX25 they are handling the funeral arrangements. They are also asking for donations. You can contact them by reaching the pizza shop at 405-778-8850.

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