Enid police: woman calls police to report her meth is "laced"

54-year-old Lynette Sampson faces two drug charges after police said she called to complain that someone laced her meth.

A woman in Enid is charged with two drug crimes after police there say she called police to complain that her meth was laced.Police arrested 54-year-old Lynette Sampson with one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and one count of of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia on Monday.In an affidavit, police say Sampson called police and told them she had meth in a tin container on her kitchen counter. When an officer arrived, she told the officer her "ice" was laced with something, according to a police affidavit.According to the affidavit, the officer asked Sampson to show him the meth. Sampson took the officer into the kitchen, showed him a hollowed out light bulb with what she says was meth inside. The affidavit says Sampson also showed him two bags with a "white crystalline substance."The officer said in the affidavit he believed meth was in the bags. When the officer asked her what was in the bags, she said it was "just quarters". Sampson then went into the living room and sat down and began hearing things and sweating profusely, according to the affidavit. She admitted to the officer she had smoked meth a few hours before calling, the affidavit said, and then asked the officer not to take her to jail. She was arrested and booked into the Garfield County jail on $5,000 bond.At the Enid Police Department, the officer tested the substance and said it came back positive for methamphetamine. Sampson's first court appearance was Thursday.
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