Enid PD: woman escapes after 5 years, 48 straight hours of abuse

Jose Cuellar was arrested on 12 counts including domestic violence. Photo credit: Enid Police.

The Enid Police Department said a woman who cried for help at a bank Monday afternoon was rescued after half a decade of abuse by her boyfriend.Jose Cuellar, 23, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at an Enid Mall and faces 12 charges including domestic assault and battery, kidnapping, arson, and planning/devising a violent act, among other charges.Police said they received the call Monday around 3:45 p.m. to a bank in Enid about a woman who said she had been beaten by her boyfriend continuously for the past 48 hours.According to a report filed with Enid Police, the victim said she was first beaten by Cuellar when she was pregnant with her second son in 2009. She said he would apologize after the beatings and she never reported it because she "thought she loved him". The victim told police that two months ago, he lost his job because of drug use and since his unemployment, the abuse worsened. On Saturday, she told police that he accused her of stealing his drugs and cheating on him. She said when that happened, he began beating her. According to the report, she said he beat her with a toy rifle that belonged to her son so many times that it shattered. She said he then hit her with a wrench to the point that she became lightheaded and could not get up. She said he then threatened to kill her the next day. Sunday morning, she said he was waiting for her with a pistol and she told her to get down on her knees. The report states he put the gun to her head but did not pull the trigger. She begged him not to kill her in front of the children. She said he then let her stand and told her he had it "all planned out" and he would put drugs into her body and force her to overdose.The victim said he continued to torture her with pliers, a knife, and stabbed her with a pen several times throughout the day. On Monday, she drove him to the bank but not before he spray painted her body, and poured urine on her, according to the report. She told police she believes he thought this would prevent her from running away.While at the bank, she said he began hitting her in the head with a can and then said they needed to switch drivers. As she was switching to the passenger seat, she hesitated and told police she had considered driving off. That's when she said he grabbed her by the hair and began to drive away with half of body hanging out of the car.Police took her statement and detailed her bruises, which police said where all over her body. She told police that at times in their relationship, he would use a torch to burn as well.She stayed at a local shelter for the night and Cuellar was arrested the following day.The YWCA offers help for victims of domestic violence. Click here for more information to help someone in need.
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