English theatre catches unexplained 'ghost' movements on camera

Just hours after a medium had taken the stage at a theatre in England, the chairs were put back in place and the building was emptied. Or was it?According to the Romford Recorder, the Brookside Theatre in Eastern Road, Romford, England, as the center of some spooky spirits. The manager told the paper that strange things had happened before but this was "the freakiest"."When I looked back at the CCTV, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!" Jai Sepple said.Early Sunday morning, the CCTV captured a chair in the third row from the bottom mysteriously moving with nobody else in the room. But that's not all. The table in the lower left hand of the screen? It moves too.Sepple said when he left Saturday, he was the last one to go and he straightened everything. So when he walked in and found the slight rearrangement, he checked the video and that's what he found.More info from the Romford Recorder.
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