Elderly man reported missing was on mission to buy flowers

Mel Armine was reported missing by his wife on May 10th. He was actually out on a Mother's Day mission.

Two Little Rock, Arkansas, police officers went well above and beyond the call of duty to help a find an elderly man reported missing but was actually on a mission.Sergeant Brian Grigsby and Officer Troy Dillard received letters of commendation for their work. They were called on Saturday, May 10, to help find 83-year-old Mel Armine. They looked high and low and once they found him, KLRT reports they helped him complete the task he set out to accomplish.His wife, 86-year-old Doris, was getting ready for her Saturday prayer meeting when she noticed Mel missing. Mel has early-stag Alzheimer's Disease so Doris was obviously concerned."I took the car and went out looking for him. I looked for him at the EZ-Mart down here, the post office, all around the neighborhood here. But I couldn't find him so I came back and I called my oldest daughter and I called Cherith," she told KLRT.That's when she called Little Rock Police. A search began and several officers began canvassing the city. Meanwhile, Doris' friends had already showed up for prayer meeting, so they prayed. While the ladies prayed, the police searched."We sang a few song and one was, I was lost and now I'm found. So I said let's pray that."At about that time, Sgt. Grigsby and Officer Dillard said they saw someone in a parking lot who looked a lot like Mel."I said 'How you doing Melvin?' He said 'Fine sir, how are you?' I said 'I need you to get in the car with me so you can go back home.' He said 'No' and I said 'What's wrong, sir?' He said 'Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I need to get my wife some flowers,'" Sgt. Grigsby said.Doris got the call she was waiting for but Mel still need to find flowers.The officers took them to The Home Depot, but he wanted cut flowers. So they hit up Kroger. He told the officers he only had $13 and the flowers cost a bit more. So as Sgt. Grigsby reached for his wallet, Officer Dillard beat him to hit, throwing money on the counter.The bill was paid and they took Mel home to his not-so-happy wife. "When I saw him walking up with those flowers in hand, it just about broke my heart because I thought 'oh he went there to get me flowers because he loves me,'" Doris said.A couple days later, she sat down at her kitchen table to send the officers hand-written thank you notes. "I appreciate all the policemen and I will pray everyday for them because I know it's not an easy job and they are human beings like we are."