Elderly man ran over in apparent road rage attack in Las Vegas

(CNN) -- Disturbing video captures the moment as an elderly man is ran over at a gas station after apparent road rage.

Las Vegas police say they're investigating this case as attempted murder after the incident was caught on camera.

In the video above, you can see the elderly man as he walks through a Las Vegas gas station to pay for his fuel. Just moments later, a car pulls away from the pump and stops just inches away from hitting him.

Then the driver floors it and runs him over, leaving him writhing in pain.

Police turned to YouTube to ask for the public's finding the driver of the gray Honda Accord, proving the power of social media.

This isn't the first time YouTube has been called on to help solve a crime.

In New York, a motorcycle gang was caught on camera swarming a family vehicle in September 2013. The driver of the car bumped one of their tires, prompting the problem.

As he tried to get away, he sped away and ran over three of them, critically injuring one. The driver was pulled from his car and beaten. The video lead to several arrests.

Law enforcement experts say road rage is occurring more frequently, especially when roads become heavily congested. They say patience becomes thin and judgment is more clouded.