Elderly couple blissfully unaware of bear standing feet away

A couple visiting family in California had a close encounter with a bear and didn't even know it, until the big animal took a swipe at him, and it was caught on camera.

While walking out a front door of a Pasadena, Calif. home, they didn't notice the big, young, bear standing just feet away. As they locked the door and began walking away, the bear starts to follow.

Suddenly, the man comes running back into the picture. But where's his wife? Left in the car!

The man says his wife was already in the vehicle when the bear took a swipe at his leg. He didn't even know the bear was there until then.

He says he then ran back into the house but does have a nick on the right calf. He got a tetanus shot and is on antibiotics, just in case, but is expected to be fine.