Edmond police search for flasher at Mitch Park

Police say a man exposed himself to a woman walking with her young son at Mitch Park in Edmond Wednesday evening. Now they are asking for the public's help to find him.

Mitch Park is a popular place for walkers and runners. A serene place surrounded by nature. Jason Souter was one of those runners Wednesday, but his serenity was interrupted by a woman flagging him down.

"She was on the phone and she stopped me and put up her hand. So I took out my ear buds and she said a man was just standing in the middle of the path with his pants off," said Souter. "I said is he still there, and she said yeah he's in the trees back there."

Souter looked into the woods and saw a man looking right back at him.

"Had a black hoodie on, no pants on, and as soon as we made eye contact he pulled up his pants and he started running," Souter said.

While the woman stayed on the phone with 911, the chase began. Souter said he had just about caught up with the suspect by a pond when the man slipped back into the woods.

"At that point is where I disengaged just because I didn't know, if someone was willing to do that, I'm not sure what else they're willing to do."

It was a decision he was trained to make. Souter is in the Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy Program. About that time the Edmond Police began their search, but the suspect got away.

"We need to be a lot more vigilant especially in a place like Mitch Park where there are lots of hidden corners, a lot of forests, a lot of places to hide," Souter said.

"We just want to keep it from happening again," said Edmond Police spokesperson Jenny Monroe. "So we're going to be pursuing it very aggressively."

Souter says he's upset his chase didn't end with the suspect caught. Now he plans on changing the way he runs and the equipment he carries.

"Instead of focusing on my run I think I'll be a little more aware of my surroundings."

The woman who the suspect exposed himself to is ok. Edmond Police are asking anyone who may have seen a man in his 20's with a black hoodie and khaki shorts Wednesday evening near Mitch Park to give them a call.