Edmond man charged with child abuse in Kenya

An Edmond man has been charged in Oklahoma Court with sexually abusing boys and girls while he volunteered at an organization in Kenya that assists neglected children.Matthew Lane Durham, 19, was charged last week with three counts of traveling to a foreign country to engage in sex acts with children.According to the report filed in the U.S. District Court of Western Oklahoma last Thursday, Durham had volunteered with the Upendo Children's Home since June of 2012 but had not traveled to Kenya until this spring. The report says he was there between April 30 and June 17 and requested to stay in a a bunk at the children's home instead of staying with a sponsor family, as all previous volunteers do.In early June, the report states, a caretaker reported odd behavior by Durham and the children. She said Durham was found late at night lying next to some kids in their beds and said he had "lingering embraces" with the children. When the caretaker asked the children about Durham, several said that he had them in a sexual manner or had them touch himself while he watched, according to the report. When confronted with the information, Durham denied the allegations at first before admitting to struggling with homosexuality and child pornography. He was moved out of the children's bunk and his family bought a ticket for him to return home. Court records show Durham wrote a confession that an Upendo official provided to the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. The confession stated that he admitted to raping, molesting, and had at least one girl perform oral sex, according to the affidavit.The victims were all between the ages of four and nine, and one is HIV positive, the affidavit states.Durham has not been arrested in Oklahoma and could also face charges in Kenya.
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