Edmond car burglars target three different parks

Edmond Police say car burglars are targeting parks. Last weekend nine cars were broken into in three different Edmond parks."We can tell that it started around 4:00 p.m. at the dog park we have on 33rd," said Edmond Police spokesperson Jenny Monroe.In a parking spot at Miki's Trail Dog Park you can still see glass left behind from Saturday's burglary. Police say each time the suspects broke in through a window.Regulars at the dog park say they never think twice about leaving items in the car while exercising their dogs."I typically leave it [my purse] in the car because I've got such a big purse," said Susan Maguire. "I've left my cell phone in the car. I've left all kinds of items in the car."After hearing about the series of at least nine break-ins across Edmond, park goers may change their habits. Edmond Police think the same people burglarized one car at the dog park, then went to Pelican Bay and did the same thing to seven more.The suspects stole everything from cash to $200 purses to running shoes. All of it happening in the middle of the day."When it's something like this, same way of getting into the car and it's really quick in and out, it's usually people who know what they're doing," Monroe said.After hitting Pelican Bay, police say the suspects went to Stephenson Park and broke into one more car. Police say the thieves were only targeting cars with visible items inside. It's a reminder that even locking doors isn't enough to keep criminals away.If you were at any of the parks between 4-6 p.m. on Saturday May 31st, and saw anything suspicious, give police a call.
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