Edmond approves multi-million dollar project to help alleviate traffic

Edmond's new project to help alleviate traffic

A new project in Edmond is set to start that will help alleviate congestion on the roads. City Council unanimously approved an agreement to get the ball rolling on the project called Intelligent Transportation Systems.

"I mean everyone knows, don't go out in Edmond when it's traffic time or lunch time," said resident Michael Tillman.

Casey Moore with the city told FOX25 the city will install fiber optic cables, wireless radios and cameras along the roads.

"The idea is that it will help us to manage traffic better," said Moore.

The purpose of the cameras is not to enforce traffic rules but to collect data so they can pin point the problem areas and fix them.

"A lot of people recognize that it an issue that we have here," said Moore. "We are continuing to work on."

"I think that the biggest problem here is that the lights in Edmond are on a timer and not on a sensor," said Tillman.

The project will allow them to tie traffic signals together and make changes remotely instead of sending a crew to do it manually. It will potentially save the city money and residents time. It also has the potential to help first responders going to emergencies.

"If it makes it safer for our responders and the general public then we would support anything like that," said Jim Winham, EMSA's director of clinical services.

The city says the first phase will run from Saints Boulevard on the eastside down Second Street and all the way to the west city limits.

Construction on the first phase begins later this year but the city is working to find the funding for the second phase of the project. They are paying for 20% of the expenses and the other 80% is coming from the federal government.

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