Duo plans to drive cross-country in car made from 3D printing

Driving across the country in a car made from 3D printing? It may come true in a few years as the Urbee 2 gets closer to completion.

According to Popular Mechanics, 20-year-olds Cody and Tyler Kor plan to take the long trip in two years. The duo will be joined by their dog in the lozenge-shaped Urbee 2. The duo's father Jim Kor is the director of the Urbee 2 project.

The Urbee 2 will make the trip from New York to San Francisco on an estimated 10 gallons of fuel. Once the crew arrives in San Francisco, they plan to make the cross-country trip back to New York.

Popular Mechanics reports that 3D printing is a relatively new process of manufacturing that uses computer-aided design files. The files are uploaded to the 3D printer, which reads them and creates the object by using liquid resins. The object is built one layer at a time with the resins and then cured by UV lights.

The manufacturer of the Urbee 2 hopes to have it in production soon after the cross-country trip.

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