'Drug Lawyer' claims vandals destroyed his billboard in support of marijuana

"Drug Lawyer" Chad Moody says he paid for this billboard at 4th and Hudson but someone took it down just a few days later.

A controversial billboard comes down, nearly as quick as it took to install it. The billboard is part of a new campaign for an Oklahoma City attorney who specializes in drug crimes.

Chad Moody is known as the drug lawyer. His billboard has been at the corner of 4th and Hudson for several years, but he recently changed the image. The new billboard featured part of a scene from the Sistine Chapel.

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"God is reaching down to touch Adam's finger in the act of creation, but instead of Adam being touched it's the marijuana leaf," Moody told Fox 25, "To make the point the narrative on the billboard makes, God made cannabis, does God make mistakes?"

Moody says the billboard was up less than a week before someone removed the entire image.

"Somebody either liked that billboard so much they had to have it and came and took it down, or they disliked it so much they couldn't tolerate it," Moody said, "If it's the latter I care little enough about that person's opinion because they didn't get far enough in their studies to get to the eighth commandment, 'Thou shalt not steal.'"

Moody plans to file a police report, but says his caseload has kept him too busy in court to make the report.

The vandals left the billboard above his, an advertisement for a bail bondsman.

Moody says he plans to have the controversial sign put back and will add more across Oklahoma City. Besides bringing religion into his ads Moody, a member of the Chickasaw nation, has also redesigned the Oklahoma state flag for another ad.

"There is nothing in our Indian traditions that has anything to do with an olive branch, that's a Mediterranean tradition and so in the Indian tradition I think it's more appropriate to symbolize peace with the marijuana leaf."