Driver's road rage results in "instant karma" caught on camera

We've all been there. Someone's driving just a little slower than you would like and they're in the fast lane. All it takes a bit of patience before it's over. That's what this driver may have learned the hard way.

In a YouTube video posted Thursday, a driver in Tampa, Fla., said a pickup truck was tailgating her hard for about three minutes. She was in the left lane and passing trucks, but apparently not going fast enough.

The roads were wet on Monday, March 24th, when she shot the incident. She wrote in her YouTube post that she wasn't going to speed because of the wet roads and she was turning left in less than a mile. After noticing the pick up truck behind her, she shook her head at him a few times. Then she grabbed her cell phone and hit record. She said the guy passed a truck in a left turn lane and was driving recklessly on the road and being "ignorant".

As the two get past the line of trucks, he speeds into the right lane. He speeds up and slows down and then gives her the finger before hitting the gas one last time. As he does, he speeds to get in front of her but fishtails on the wet road, through an intersection before crashing into a tree.

As she passes the accident, she can be heard laughing at the driver. She wrote "This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I've never seen Karma come back so fast."

The woman said he originally left the scene but police tracked him down thanks to this video.

She said that, while she had her phone in her hand, she was paying attention to the road the entire time and didn't even see him flipping her the bird until after she arrived.

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