Drivers prepare for icy Monday morning commute

Walk through Myriad Gardens and you'll find traces of fall mixed with snow and ice in Downtown Oklahoma City.

"It's been pretty fun," said Krista Keys.

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Keys and her children, Brayden and Brooklyn, spent Sunday afternoon at the park. They drove in from the Amarillo, TX area for Sunday night's Thunder game.

"We were hoping to go snow tubing and also to go ice skating," said Keys, "but it looks like the weather might have played a factor in that."

Devon Ice Skating Rink was closed for the day, snow piled high next to the popular holiday attraction, but many families still enjoyed a slightly slippery stroll before the game.

"It seems to be melting pretty quickly," said Keys, looking at the snow around her.

Snow on the ground quickly turned into slush in the metro. Trooper Betsy Randolph, a spokesperson for OHP says this will pose problems for drivers Monday morning.

"With all the moisture that we've got on the roadways, and the temperatures that are below freezing, we're going to have some ice, we're going to have some slick spots tomorrow," said Randolph.

The melted slush could re-freeze into ice, which is why OHP advises all drivers to drive slow, and take all necessary precautions.

"State law does require that during inclement weather that you turn your lights on," said Randolph, "so it's always a good idea, that way people can see you, and you can see other people."

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Salt trucks will continue to run snow routes until conditions are clear, but as Keys and her family prepare for the trip home, they know slow is still the way to go.

"We'll be on the interstate for the most part, so hopefully it will be all clear," said Keys.