Double Execution Scheduled for Tuesday in Oklahoma

Clayton Lockett

A double execution hasn't taken place in Oklahoma since 1937 and unless the Governor or the courts intervene Clayton Lockett will be put to death at 6 o'clock in the evening and Charles Lockett will follow two hours later.The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is hoping a special protest will speak to those who have the power to stop the executions before it's too late.Member Lydia Polley doesn't deny the crimes Lockett and Warner committed are heinous but she still thinks the men deserve to know who is supplying the drugs that will ultimately kill them."It's our tax dollars, it's their killing in our names. We deserve to know. Secret government government pulled off in secret is undemocratic and it's bad government," says Polley.The secrecy surrounding the source of the drugs used for lethal injection has been at the heart of the legal battle surrounding the men.Warner is on death row for raping and killing an eleven-month-old baby girl in 1997.Lockett beat, kidnapped and shot Stephanie Nieman in 1999."We don't steal a car from a man whose convicted of grand auto theft, we don't burn down the house of arsonist. So why do we kill someone who has killed someone to show that killing is wrong?" says Polley.Polley and other members of Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty will gather Tuesday at the Governor's Office and Mansion for a sit in and vigil before the clock strikes six o'clock.Polley who is 83 has made standing up against the death penalty her life's mission."Every human being must be treated with dignity and every human being deserves the chance for redemption," says Polley.And though it seems the Governor and the courts have spoken in this situation Polley remains optimistic."We always have hope, that's what I exist on is hope," says Polley.We reached out to the lawyers for Lockett and Warner but they did not have comment.The Attorney General's Office says it owes it to the victims' families to see that the punishment is carried out.