Doors to the new Plaza Towers Elementary soon to open

New Plaza Towers Elementary School

In less than one week, nearly 400 hundred students will enter the new Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore for the new school year. School officials told FOX25 this marks the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new."We will never forget what happened on May 20th but we do want to move forward," said Assistant Superintendent Michelle McNear.The old building was destroyed when a tornado ripped through the city on May 20, 2013. It destroyed not only the building but it also killed 24 people, 7 of those were elementary school students."This huge school district was brought to their knee caps on May 20th," said Superintendent Dr. Robert Romines.They're now moving forward into a new $11 million dollar structure. Construction crews were still on the campus Tuesday making finishing touches.FOX25 was among a group of media invited to take an inside look at the school before it opens. The principal gave the gourd a look into the four classrooms that will be a storm shelter for the school. The FEMA certified storm shelter will be able to hold all of the students and faculty in the building."I think that will ease a lot of parents that will come this week knowing that their child will be safe no matter what," said teacher Erika Rowell.Also incorporated into the design will be a memorial for the students killed in the tornado. Life-size silhouettes and seven benches will represent the personalities of the students."Kyle Davis, his silhouette will have a kid with a backpack carrying a soccer ball," said McNear. "So his family will know that is him."It's not complete yet but will be done sometime in early fall. Meanwhile, students and staff are ready to walk into their new home."We have come a long way," said Romines. "Emotions will be high no doubt in my mind from students all the way up to parents."An open house will be held on Friday August, 15th and school starts Tuesday, August 19th.
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