Dogs and ice: vet debunks myth claiming ice is bad for dogs

It's a story taking social media by storm: a blog post claims giving dogs ice, ice water can cause bloating, cramping or even death in dogs. Now, a West Virginia veterinarian says that's not true."It was actually on my Facebook post yesterday and...I had never heard of that," said Doctor Jennifer Snider, Veterinarian, Kanawha Charleston Veterinarian Hospital. "So I did a little bit of research."The West Virginia doctor said the blog post titled, "No Ice Water For Dogs, Please Read ASAP," originated a couple of years ago. It's starting to gain momentum again because of the hot weather. The blog post claims if you give your dog ice water or ice, it'll cause their stomachs to cramp and bloat and can possibly kill them. The post even claims a veterinarian states these facts, but the facts aren't so sure."By the time it hits your stomach, your stomach is 98 degrees, or in a dogs case, 100 102 degrees. That ice water is going to warm up pretty quick," Snider said. "So that's not going to cause any problems. It's not going to cause cramping of the stomach, it's not going to cause bloating and death."Snider said other factors can cause bloat, like drinking too much water to fast or eating too much food to fast and then exercising and swallowing a bunch of air. What won't cause bloating is ice in the water or temperature."What I tell people is you never say never," she said. "Did that happen to that particular dog? Possibly. Because it happened to one dog in the history of time is it something for you to worry about in your particular dog? No. That's nothing that I've ever seen and that's nothing that I've ever heard of happening."
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