Dog coughs up diamond ring he ate five years ago

She lost her ring five years ago. The heartbroken feeling finally came to end when her dog became sick after eating a Popsicle, stick and all.Lois Matykowski says two weeks ago, she was sitting outside and eating Popsicles with her granddaughter when she turned her head for a second. That's all her dog, Tucker, needed. He swallowed her frozen concoction, stick and all.Like most dogs, what goes in the belly (and shouldn't be there) came back out. But it didn't end there. Two days later, he got sick again. This time, he vomited her wedding ring.Five years ago, Matykowski said her ring disappeared. She said she searched her house high and low but found nothing. "I was devastated, how do you replace something like that? Not only the value of the ring but just the emotional ties too," she said.Tucker's veterinarian believes the popsicle stick dislodged the ring from his belly. An x-ray showed there weren't any more treasures in his belly but he's the talk of the neighborhood."Friends have said 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds," says Matykowski. "Who wouldn't, right?"Matykowski said even though he threw up on the carpet, she's elated."I have my wedding ring back and Tucker is 'big dog' on campus," she laughs. "He's my hero. I'm just elated. He threw up on the carpeting and I don't even care.