Documentary film from Oklahomans shares tale of troops overseas

In a comfortable backyard in Ponca City, Mike and Carlos Boettcher recount recent days where they traded birds singing for bullets flying.As two wars raged on overseas, Mike says he watched nightly news reports, none mentioning what was happening."You saw no other coverage of our soldiers and Marines, just very little and I thought that was wrong," Mike said. "If we're going to commit American men and women in uniform to war, then we better go out there and tell their stories."Mike, a veteran war correspondent, and his son Carlos, together, set out to chronicle the realities of armed conflict."The only way to properly tell the story is to eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, and share the risks they share," Mike said.For the pair, this was unlike any other story they've covered before---this time, they were both in the line of fire, sometimes days going by, not knowing the fate of the other."There were times and you see it in the film where I don't know if he's alive or dead, and he doesn't know if I am," Carlos said.They came back without physical scars, but, emotionally, didn't escape untouched."I cry every time," Mike said. "Because there were six guys that were killed that I was out there with who didn't come back home.""These veterans need our recognition they need our respect and they need our love," Carlos said.The film's goal is to go beyond the typical 90 second news piece, go beyond scratching the surface of an incredibly complex world."I wanted to take it deeper and not just cover the conflict, but cover the people in that conflict in the deepest way I could," Mike said."The next time they go up and thank a soldier or sailor airman or marine, they know what they're thanking them for, and when they see this film they won't just thank them, they will hug them."See movie times, a trailer and more here: