Diamondback Correctional Facility in Watonga hiring 400 employees

An old private prison in Watonga, Oklahoma may be opening it's doors again. According to employees at the Diamondback Correctional Facility, hiring has already begun.

FOX25 spoke to neighbors who live near the facility and they are actually excited about it.

Donna Sawyer said, "The jobs, the extra revenue, the tax dollars, it'll all be very welcome."

Sawyer and her family live just around the corner from the Diamondback facility. They were there when it shut down in May 2010, and the family is happy it could be opening back up.

"It's a small town, rural community and unfortunately right now we're fighting a dying economy. So this is going to be a wonderful boom for the economy," said Sawyer.

Watonga Mayor Clay Loosen says he hasn't gotten the official word that the facility is opening back up, but he's excited about it as well.

"I'd love for it to reopen," said Mayor Loosen. "It'd be an economical boost for the city of Watonga."

On the facility's website it says the company is hiring to re-open and 400 positions are available. It also says the company is especially interesting in hiring former employees.

"We'd like for the employees who move into our community to build a home and live here," said Mayor Loosen.

Loosen says with many public prisons facing overcrowding concerns, the diamondback facility could be the answer to a lot of problems.

"I think with this facility, as large as it is, that it'll help. I think there's a need for it there really is."

The hiring process has already begun, and employees are being trained at the facility already.

To apply for a position at Diamondback Correctional Facility click here.