Devon Energy named as top military friendly employer

On this Veterans Day, companies who make exceptional efforts to hire vets are being honored. Devon Energy ranks 36th in the nation for being military friendly, and the company has a secret weapon that's bringing in more veterans each year.

The 50 floors of Devon Tower are being decorated for the holidays, but that doesn't mean the company is forgetting about Monday's holiday, Veterans Day.

"Hiring veterans is something that's good for Devon in that it fits with who we are as a company from a culture prospective," said Devon's VP of Human Resources Tana Cashion.

In fact the company hired someone full time with the sole purpose of recruiting veterans.

"This year alone we've hired over 65 veterans," said Adam Ward, Devon Military Affairs recruiter.

Ward works everyday to convince veterans that Devon is where their skills are most needed.

"Very proud to have them here. Very proud to have the OK and the green light to go after these guys," said Ward.

Ward says veterans' integrity and trustworthiness aline perfectly with Devon's mission. Last year Devon ranked 57th on the list of 100 military friendly companies by G.I Jobs Magazine. With Ward's help, this year it's now 36th.

"This is just a humbling experience. On a national level for us to be recognized is unbelievable," Ward said. There might be a very special reason behind Ward's success.

"Because I am a veteran," he said. "And I am in the perfect place to be able to find these guys. I know the avenues they take. I know where they're searching. I know where their problems are."

Sgt. Ward has served with the Air National Guard for 13 years, and has even been deployed since working at Devon.

"I seek those guys out and they relate to me because I'm a brother in arms with them. I've been deployed. I've been in their shoes," Ward said.

Out of Devon's 2,000 employees who work downtown, Ward estimates about 60 of them are veterans. If it's up to him, that number will only go up.

"Knowing that you work at a place that loves what you do, not only when you're sitting in this office, but when you're doing you work outside of here is rewarding," said Ward.

About 10% of Devon's hires last year were veterans. If you are a veteran who would like to apply for a job at Devon click here. Make sure to identify your veteran status when applying.