Deputy saves drowning bull in alligator infested waters

TAMPA, Fla. (WCEN) -- When an elderly bull wandered into a pond near Tampa, Hillsborough County deputies did everything they could to rescue it from drowning.

The 20-year-old bull was on its side about 6 feet from the shore struggling to keep its head afloat on Friday when a lawn maintenance worker saw it and alerted authorities.

Upon arriving at the scene, Deputy Christina Ammons stripped off her gun belt and gear and got in the water to hold the struggling animal's head up, according to a release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Ammons was in the pond for about 45 minutes making sure the bull didn't drown while Hillsborough County Fire Rescue sent out a crew to pull out the 1,000-pound bovine. During that time, another deputy stood by with a gun to watch out for alligators.

Video of the rescue shows several workers attempting to pull the bull out and at one point, the animal tries to get back in the water.

The elderly bull is expected to make a full recovery and was standing and walking on its own about 30 minutes after being back on dry land.

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