Deputy on livestock call is shot at, suspect drive off, roll truck

Five men are in custody after an incident with one of them shooting a gun a Logan County Sheriff's Deputy's car.Deputies say four of the five men are in the Logan County Jail while the other man is in a local hospital and receiving treatment from injuries when the truck rolled over.It all started with a call to a help wrangle livestock about a mile west of Liberty Lake. The deputy was headed west on Seward Road and crossing the Cottonwood Creek bridge when he spotted a man standing in the roadway. The man pulled a gun and fired it at the deputy, hitting the front of the windshield. The deputy wasn't hurt and the man jumped into a pickup truck and sped off. The deputy followed and chased the pickup east. As the truck went over a set of train tracks, it lost control and rolled. It finally came to a stop near Railroad Ave and Seward Road. Three of the men were injured and taken to a local hospital while two men ran from the area. They were arrested shortly after.The men in custody were taken to the Logan County Sheriff's Office Detention Center on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill.Deputies identified the suspects as Carl Gallian, 47, Christian Gallian, 19, Albert Holcomb, 24, Andrew Duncomb, 19, and Allen Josiah Valentine, 19.