Deputies say DUI suspect was driving after rollover accident

Sheaffer's vehicle following an apparent rollover

A man was arrested Sunday for DUI after an Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputy stopped the driver who had continued driving following an apparent rollover crash.

According to authorities, 30-year-old Johnathan Sheaffer was pulled over at 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the 7000 block of I-44 after the deputy noticed sparks flying from beneath his vehicle.
When the deputy made contact with the driver, he appeared disoriented and would not answer questions. The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Sheaffer.

The deputy noted that the vehicle Sheaffer was driving had been heavily damaged. The vehicle was being driven on its rims and the windshield was cracked with grass stuck in it. The deputy also notice there was damage to the vehicles roof and quarter panels.

When asked about the damage, Sheaffer said a deer had run into his vehicle. Sheaffer admitted to drinking alcohol and was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on complaint of driving under the influence of alcohol.