Estranged husband accused of shooting wife dead in convenience store

The McClain County Sheriff's Office and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are investigating a fatal shooting in Blanchard Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement spent most of Wednesday at the Gator's Deli convenience store in the 1200 block of NE 10th Street in Blanchard following a deadly shooting around 9:30 in the morning. OSBI confirmed the woman shot dead is 57-year-old Gaye Keeler.

"It's devastating," said McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett. "I knew the individual all of my life."

Authorities told FOX25 at least four people were in the convenience store when the shots rang out.

"It would have been more of a tragedy if innocent bystanders would have been hurt out of this incident," said Hewett.

Blanchard Police arrested Larry Keeler in connection to the shooting. Keeler is the victim's estranged husband. The couple co-owned the store.

FOX25 spoke to some neighbors who knew the couple. They said the Keelers were going through a nasty divorce.

"To my knowledge there were divorce proceedings going on, " said Hewett. "We do not know if this is a motive at this time."

The two were well known and well respected business leaders in the community and the shooting has everyone shocked.

"It's a tremendous loss to the community," said Hewett. "Tremendous shock. Almost unheard of in Blanchard."

Randall Wilkins had stopped by the store a couple of hours before the shooting and saw Gaye Keeler. He said nothing appeared to be wrong.

"She was happy, everybody was in there chatting," said Wilkins. "There was no indication of that."

Wilkins daughter, Katy said Gaye Keeler was always friendly when she saw her.

"She was always smiling, always happy, always kind," said Wilkins. "Never had a frown on her face."

Larry Keeler was arrested without incident at his home. He is currently in custody and is facing first degree murder charges.

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