Deputies: drunk father and son with loaded gun were "going rabbit hunting"

Oklahoma County Sheriff deputies say when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver, they ended up arresting a father and son duo with multiple outstanding warrants each said they were heading to hunt rabbits.

The deputies arrested Glenn Crawford and his son, Glenn Crawford, Jr on Tuesday night.

According to the sheriff's office, a deputy noticed a driver violate several traffic laws near Midwest Blvd. and E. Hefner Road around 7:00 Tuesday. When the deputy approached the vehicle, he reported Glenn Crawford Sr. climbed out and began making several statements including he had been drinking and didn't have a driver's license.

The deputy said he refused several commands and was taken into custody as he awaited backup.

While in custody, the deputy said Crawford Sr. said they were on their way to fish at Lake Arcadia in a non-public area, late at night. Deputies say they didn't find any fishing equipment in the car.

When backup arrived, the deputy returned to the vehicle to talk to Crawford Jr. That's when the deputy said he spotted a loaded rifle next to the suspect's leg. The deputy ordered him out of the car and reported that he could immediately smell alcohol.

The deputy returned to Crawford Sr. and was told that he and his son were on their way to hunt rabbits with the rifle.

When officials searched the car, they found a firearm suppressor that could be used on the gun.

Both men were taken to the Oklahoma County Jail. That's when deputies found a small package of marijuana in Crawford Sr's mouth.

Deputies say both men had several outstanding warrants and were booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on multiple charges.