Deli clerk turns tables on robber, chases him with machete

A suspected robber thought when he walked into a deli, he'd be able to walk out with the cash. Instead, he was chased out by the clerk who was swinging a machete!

The surveillance video from the Brentwood, NY Deli shows a masked gunman holding up the store. But the clerk wasn't on board with that plan and grabbed a machete from under the counter. He then chased him all outside and then all the way across the parking lot.

The clerk thought the gun was a toy when the guy first walked in. But when the masked man fired a shot that went by his head, he grabbed the machete to defend himself.

As the clerk started to chase the man, the gunman tried to fire another shot, but the gun jammed and the suspect took off.

Police say the clerk should have complied with the man's demands and are still looking for the suspect.