Del City kindergartner gets surprise of a lifetime

Sgt. Chad Chudoba is with the Army's 1245th transportation. He has been in Afghanistan for the past 9 months but now he is home and surprised his son at school.

Sgt Chad Chudoba has been deployed in Afghanistan for nearly a year leaving behind his wife and two kids

"It's horrible but it's something we accept when we put on the uniform," said Chudoba.

Monday morning Sgt Chudoba traded in his combat boots and replaced them with a panther costume.
Back from deployment Chudoba wanted to surprise his son Isaac at school. He dressed as Del City Elementary's mascot and headed down the hall to read a story to a group of kindergarteners including Isaac.

"I guess I'm kind of nervous that he won't recognize me," said Chudoba.

As he read page by page Isaac sat just feet in front of him clueless the panther was really his dad until the story was over and the big reveal happened...

"I have a secret for you. I'm not really a panther. I'm Isaac's daddy. I missed you buddy," said Chad taking off the panther head.

"I was thinking he was back from Afghanistan," said Isaac.

Holding his dad's hand, Isaac claims he knew the surprise all along.

"I knew because his hands looked like his hands," said Isaac.
"See I should have worn the gloves," said Chad.

Surprised or not both Chudobas agree on one thingHome is where Chad belongs.

"It's the best," said Chad.
"It's the best ever," added Isaac.