Deep Black Friday deals come to Oklahoma

Oklahomans can get extra Black Friday savings this year. For the first time in decades, retailers will not be limited when it comes to the discounted prices they can offer, thanks to a new state law.

"I'm thrilled to see Oklahoma have its very first Black Friday," Sen.. David Holt, R-Oklahoma City, said.

Holt authored the law that went in to effect this month.

"If you would have watched your TV ads very closely last year, you would have noticed that at the bottom of a Walmart ad, it said except in Oklahoma and Wisconsin," Holt said.

Since the 40's, Oklahoma law required business to sell everything for at least six-percent more than they paid for it. That meant the deep discounts offered to Black Friday customers were not as deep here as in 48-other states.

"Now finally we're going to get those same deals," Holt said.

But the law was not easy to repeal. After compromise at the Capitol, stores are only able to offer big sales ten times a year. One of the biggest concerns- what the law could mean for local, small businesses.

"We're not like the big guys, okay, we're preparing with some special deals that we'll have," said Harry Sealy, who owns Harry's TV Appliances.

He says he'll have to wait and see what the new law will do to his business, but he's not too worried.

"Last year there wasn't more than half a dozen items that you saw advertised that you couldn't buy in Oklahoma because of the price," he said

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