Two officers, suspect killed after high speed chase in Western Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating two accidents in Washita County that resulted in the deaths of two law enforcement officers and a suspect.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the Undersheriff in Washita County was trying to serve a felony warrant to 27-year-old Quentin Johnson around 9:40 AM in Sentinel when the chase began. Officials say the suspect sped away from the officer and began the chase. OHP believes the suspect crashed his vehicle about 30 minutes later near the town of Cordell.

Around the same time, a Burns Flat officer collided with the Washita County Undersheriff about half a mile south of Dill City. OHP believes the Burns Flat officer was responding to assist with the pursuit.

According to OHP spokesperson Lt. Brian Orr, the two law enforcement officers and suspect were all pronounced dead at the scenes which were about 3.5 miles apart.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics posted a picture of a Washita County badge with a blue line across the front to Facebook. The picture came with the text: "The thoughts and prayers of OBN are with our brothers and sisters with the Washita County Sheriff's Department today as we follow reports of two deaths involving their office."

The Oklahoma County Sheriff also tweeted a picture of two badges, Washita County and Burns Flat, both with black bands across the front.

Johnson was wanted for possession of a controlled substance, felon in possession of a firearm, and knowingly concealing stolen property