Deadline for medical marijuana signature drive nears

The deadline for Oklahoma's medical marijuana signature drive is coming up and the group Oklahomans for Health has been at the forefront of the movement. The group says that Oklahoma is one of the hardest states to get any measure on a statewide ballot. The group has until August 15 to gather the signatures they need to put the issue of medical marijuana to a vote. At the last check August 4 the group had 130,000 signatures but they need just under 156,000. Gov. Fallin is against the legalization of marijuana and said that 90 percent of the criminals who request parole have struggled with substance abuse. Gov. Fallin believes many of those criminals began their substance abuse problem by smoking marijuana. Supporters of the drive say the positive aspects of marijuana outweigh the negative. Cancer coach Mike Lenniken believes that medical marijuana is very beneficial."For skin cancer, cannabis oil applied topically has been shown to be very effective," Lenniken said. 23 states have legalized pot for medical use. "It's something that really needs to happen in Oklahoma. It's happened in other states and it's time for it to happen here." Lenniken said. Oklahomans for Health plans to get their Oklahoma City signatures notarized and mailed to its Tulsa headquarters on Monday.
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