Dashcam video catches drug suspects kissing to swap meth

(KOKI) -- It's a meth bust that took a strange turn.Two men found themselves behind bars after looking for a creative way to get rid of three eight balls of methamphetamine.Cops say it was one of the most unusual drug busts that they've ever had, it all started with a traffic violation, and what happened next, was all caught on camera."It's quite odd, especially their conversation that they have about it before they do it and then for them to actually do it in the back of my car, it was very odd," said Officer Cheyenne Lee, Bartlesville Police Department.Timothy Povlick was arrested for felony warrants, but quickly tried to dispatch a large amount of meth he had on him - by swallowing it.After Povlick was put in the police car, lee then arrested the driver, Derek Boff, placing him in the back seat with Povlick.When Lee returned to search their car, the two guys began to talk.What they didn't realize is Bartlesville police have new dash cams that record audio."We're going to have to be gay for a second," Povlick says.According to the video, Boff tells Povlick he doesn't want him to die by eating all that meth, so the two decide to exchange the drugs."It's nasty bro, I'm telling you," Povlick says."I know," Boff says."Do you want it?" Povlick answers."Try suck some of your saliva off of it and I will," Boff says.That's when the two kiss."Oh my God. You're sick," Povlick says."I'd swallow them if I was you, dude," Povlick tells him. "Don't suck on them, swallow 'em homie."After Lee brought them to the jail he went through the video.Povlick later admitted he ate meth and had to go to the hospital, where doctors had to work quickly to save his life.Bartlesville police say that without the dashcams these guys may have gotten away with a lesser charge.