Dash cam video shows police cruiser hitting suspected thief

Dash cam video from a North Carolina catches the moment a police officer hits a burglary suspect as he jumps from a business. Taylorsville police say their officer was not far away when the alarm went out that a local pharmacy was being robbed. When the officer arrived on scene he could see a man coming out of the drive-thru window. Just as the man gets out of the window he steps into the path of the arriving officer who hits him with his vehicle.

The suspected thief then takes off, eventually getting into a car and fleeing the area. A representative with the Taylorsville Police Deparment says the officer believed the robber to be armed as he say him coming out of the window, which is why he decided to hit him. After a review of the video, officers decided the suspected thief was only armed with a screwdriver.

The owner of the pharmacy says the thief was after one thing, pain pills and the same suspect is believed to have committed a separate robbery of the same pharmacy earlier in the year. (Video Source: CNN)