Danlin Industries' safety track record spotless before massive explosion

As flames lit up the sky late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, some question the safety practices at Danlin Industries after a massive chemical explosion.

Visit the website for Danlin Industries, and visitors find a whole section dedicated to safety. Officials emphasize-- "We strive to maintain the 'safety first' attitude in all we do."

Cliff Smith, the head of Safety Compliance and DOT for Danlin Industries declined an interview with Fox-25 to address questions on the company's safety practices, but said no one was inside the facility in Thomas during Wednesday night's explosions. Smith said the company is working closely with state and national agencies as they respond to the fire.

Fox-25 called several agencies that oversee safety practices in the oil and gas industry, asking for any records kept on Danlin Industries.

"There are no complaints, we have no active or closed complaints for this company in our database," said Erin Hatfield, a spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Records obtained from the DEQ did not raise any concerns, same with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A spokesperson with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also said Danlin Industries has a clean record, no history of safety infractions.

Custer County Emergency Manager, Mike Galloway says most of the chemicals stored at Danlin Industries is flammable. Galloway says it appears all the containers at Danlin Industries were properly stored before the explosion.

Hatfield says as crews clean up after the fire, safety at Danlin Industries will remain at the forefront.

"DEQ's role will be to serve in a technical support capacity, just to ensure the proper disposal of any contaminants," she said.

No word on how long the clean up process will take.