Dad's epic message to the boys* who may one day date his daughter

A screen shot taken from YouTube as Jesse Parent delivers his poem "For the boys..."

For dads of young girls, the first date they go on can be tough. Some boys get the long talk about the rules and how he wants his daughter to be treated. Others get the icy stare. And for one group, dads aren't there at all.

Jesse Parent is a slam poet and his recent one, "To the Boys...", was posted on YouTube by Button Poetry and was shared across the Internet. Parent wrote on Facebook that the poem is one of his daughter's favorites.

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The poem is a very special message to the boys* who may one day date his daughter. Why the asterisk? There's a special addendum at the end that you don't want to miss.

Here's a snapshot from the poem: "If you break her heart, I will hear it snap with the ear I pressed against her mother's belly. The elbow I cradled her head in will send a message to my fist. My cheeks are attuned to her lips. I will know if they tremble."

The poem is both intimidating and endearing and speaks for fathers everywhere. It almost ends with this line: "Love her, befriend her, protect her. Be there when I can't. And when my body gives up to the grave let the grin that eternity carves into my face be a reflection of the peace that your love brings to her, and we should get along just fine."

Then Parent adds the addendum that has the crowd going wild. Watch the video to find out.

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