Dad lets 6-year-old take over motorcycle during a ride

A Colorado father is under fire after he uploaded video of his son taking the reigns of his motorcycle during a ride. Jacob Hughes posted the video to Youtube with the title "6 yr old riding Harley! Dad's DD. lol". At the beginning of the video, the two are just enjoying a ride together on Hughes' Harley-Davidson. After a few seconds, Hughes taps on his son's helmet and motions for him to take over the handlebars. Hughes' son Ryan takes over the bike while his dad continues to control the direction of the motorcycle with his body. The video has sparked an internet controversy as viewers question Hughes' decision to let his son take over. In an interview with Right This Minute, Hughes said his son had been riding along with him since he was a year old and that the boy has experience riding his own dirt bike. Hughes admitted his son could have been wearing more protective clothing.
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