Dad destroys son's video game collection with riding mower

Those glorious moments after college is over are great until you realize that it's time to be an adult and get a job. For one recent grad, he was content playing video games but his dad was not.In a YouTube video uploaded August 6, an angry father, upset that his son hasn't gotten a job after college, runs over his son's video game collection with a riding lawn mower. The video starts inside the house with the son searching for his games. On the white board in the room is the message "Get a job! Get a life!! no more games !!!!! - Dad"He runs to the yard and finds all of his games in a pile on the lawn with his dad ready to run them over. His dad lists his reasons saying he's been out of school for three months and he's got student loans, car payments, and insurance, so it's time to get to work. His son, needless to say, is not pleased.He reaches for the games but his dad hits the gas. Watch his reaction above but be warned, there is a significant amount of profanity.
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