Customers get My Little Pony tattoos to take a stand against bullying

Across the country, people are heading to tattoo shops to get inked with a children's cartoon character, all in an effort to beat bullying.

11-year-old Michael Morones' story came out a few months back. The North Carolina kid tried to kill himself after being bullied for liking the TV show "My Little Pony".

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After hearing the story, a Sugarland, Texas, tattoo artist came up with the idea to ink pony's on customers. That idea has started to spread across the country with hundreds, perhaps thousands, getting the ink to take a stand against bullying.

Justine Zerangue works in a Louisiana tattoo shop and says these tattoos will live on in more ways than ink on skin.

"It's a reminder for us that everyday I see that tattoo and I think that what I say to somebody might affect them in a way that pushes them over the board. They might be the person who hurts themselves."

Proceeds from the tattoos go to the Morones Anti-Bullying Campaign and the Morones family to help with hospital costs. Michael has just now started breathing on his own.

For Sharon Smith, the pain of the tattoo is worth it.

"Yeah, it hurts. But people go through the pain of bullying everyday," Owens said.

Amanda Fontenot and her seven-member family all got the ink. She says taking part is bigger than them.

"It's something that everybody has felt and knowing even for, especially for a child, that you're not alone, and that people love you and accept you for no matter what you choose to do is something that is indescribable."

A page has also been set up for Michael Morones. So far, it has raised $70,000.