Creepy clown terrorizing city says he 'just wanted to amuse people'

(FOX NEWS) -- While clowns aren't really supposed to talk, the creepy clown that's been reportedly terrorizing the English city of Northampton has final spoken.

According to the local Northampton Chronicle and Echo paper, the guy (it's confirmed, he's a he) was just clowning around.

"I just wanted to amuse people," said the clown, who wants to remain anonymous. "Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards.

"It's like watching a horror movie, when people get scared they usually start laughing."

No kidding. Bearing a striking resemblance to the character Pennywise in Stephen King's horror film "It," he first appeared on the streets of Northampton on Friday the 13th. He then made several other appearances, and was seen standing on empty streets, holding balloons and a teddy bear and waving.

Thousands of people on have been following the story on Twitter since the sightings began, using the hashtag #northamptonclown and passing around creepy pictures of him.

And tourists have reportedly begun heading to Northampton to get a glimpse of him in person.

The Daily Express reported that a family from Florida drove up from London, which is about 67 miles away, just to look for the clown because they are Stephen King fans.

"Its unbelievable - it's really put our little town on the map," said one woman.

But not everyone is laughing. There have been reports that he knocked on the door of a Northampton woman's house and offered to paint her windowsills, and some on social media claim he was carrying a knife.

A person purporting to the be clown on a Facebook fan page called Spot Northampton's Clown, who has been updating the clown's antics and posting eerie pictures, denies those claims.

"Too much hate, not enough love. No, I don't have a knife on me. That's just stupid rumours spread by stupid people," read a recent post.

Adding to the circus-like atmosphere, a rival called Boris the Clown Catcher, dressed as a super hero, has even pledged to trap the creepy clown.

The clown told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo that he intended to keep appearing in the town "for as long as people are interested" and he may even start holding a particular "clown" day every week --that is unless Boris catches him first.