Crash victim seeking help, shot by homeowner on front porch

(CNN) -- Police are investigating whether a 19-year-old Detroit woman who was shot and killed on the front porch of a home was simply looking for help after a car crash.

Relatives and friends held a vigil Wednesday for Renisha McBride, saying that's what led to her death in the overnight hours early Saturday.

"My niece didn't deserve to die like this. This is senseless," McBride's aunt Bernita Spinks told CNN affiliate WDIV. "... I just want justice for my niece, and peace."

Police, in a statement, said a woman was shot while on the porch. "The Dearborn Heights Police have identified the person who fired the shot and killed the woman," the statement said.

Although no further details were released, the case has sparked speculation that a nervous homeowner may have mistaken her for an intruder.

"A young lady as far as we know who was injured and seeking help should not end up dying on somebody's front porch," a man at the vigil said.

Family members met with the Wayne County prosecutor's office, which is reviewing the case, The Detroit News reported.

Spinks says she believes her niece was racially profiled by a homeowner in the mostly white neighborhood, the newspaper said. "You see a young black lady on your porch, and you shoot?" she said.

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