Crack down on OU Greek Life leads to public outcry

A crack down on Greek Life at the University of Oklahoma leads to public outcry and claims that fraternity members sexually assault young women at the university.

Many students affiliated with fraternities and sororities in OU's Greek System would not go on camera. Most students feared doing so would jeopardize their organization's reputation, but check the hash tag "#FreeOUGreek," and you will find many OU students are extremely vocal.

One female student tweeted:

"Don't sexually assault or roofie women and we wouldn't have to worry about #FreeOUGreek."

This tweet stirred some alarm among students.

"I hope it was a lie," said Courtney Johnson, a sophomore at OU.

Although many students complained about university officials emphasizing OU's dry campus policy and made threats to boycott homecoming, one fraternity member tweeted this:

"@TomHarrigan3: S/O to @OUPanhellenic for empowering women in the best way! Controlling what they wear, where they go and who they can be with #FreeOUGreek"

University officials would not say what led to this public outcry, but Clarke Stroud, University Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students sent this statement:

"The safety of our students is the utmost concern of the university, I met with Greek Leaders last week to reaffirm the alcohol policy and the consequences should it not be adhered to individually or organizationally."

Stroud emphasized despite public outcry, there have been No changes to university policy. Officials are only enforcing a dry campus policy that includes Greek Row.

"I really don't think it's going to change anything," said Victor Trautmann, another OU sophomore.

Trautmann was once affiliated with an OU fraternity, but would not name which house.

"I think that a lot of rumor spreading goes around with fraternities because there's a lot of bias from people outside of them," he said.

Trautmann says there are always rumors of fraternity members in various houses taking advantage of female students under the influence of alcohol. Although university officials plan to be more strict with the dry campus policy, Trautmann says it's not enough to stop students from drinking on Greek Row.

"People are always going to find a way to do that," he said.

Advisors from OU's Panhellenic Council declined FOX 25's request for comment.