Couple turns wedding vows into song, music video

Michael and Carissa Alvarado didn't plan on singing at their own wedding but when the musicians tried to write their vows, a song is exactly what came out.The married couple are the group Us the Duo and were married 2 years ago. According to Yahoo, before they met both were solo musicians but the combined their talents for the group. In the days leading up to their wedding, they were putting the finishing touches on everything, including the vows. They said they didn't want to sing at their own wedding but it's what came out.The song "No matter where you are" contains lyrics like "I'll take care of you/ Love you just because/ You and I are better than forever" instead of traditional vows. With Michael on guitar and Carissa on drum, the entire performance was filmed for the music video.The video was posted May 6 and has picked up more than 50,000 views, thanks in part to the BuzzFeed story as well as Yahoo.
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