Couple reunited with lost engagement ring lost at beach

A diamond ring that was dropped in the ocean at a Jacksonville beach was recovered nearly one year later. Eric and Courtney Vidrine were wading in the water off Jacksonville Beach last year when the engagement ring was lost. "She was reaching down, the ring fell off her finger into the tide and we desperately thrashed at the water, but we knew it was gone," Eric said. The couple was never able to recover the ring that day. Courtney contacted the jeweler, Tiffany's, that the couple bought the ring from and told them she had lost it. The couple then went on with life resigned to the fact the ring may never be found.A few days ago David Sielaff was out at the beach with his metal detector looking through the sand when he found the ring. Sielaff found a serial number printed on the ring and contacted Tiffany's. Tiffany's then contacted the couple and they were soon reunited with the lost ring. The couple repaid Sielaff's kindness with a bottle of Champagne and a card.