Couple gets anniversary gift they will never forget

(KATU) -- A couple celebrating their anniversary was surprised when a stranger paid their restaurant tab.

Therese and Corky Dieringer decided to celebrate their anniversary at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver on Sunday.

The couple does not get out much anymore because Corky, 87, has dementia and Parkinson's disease.

"We get up every morning and thank God that we have another day together," said Therese Dieringer.

Therese speaks for the both of them because Corky has trouble hearing and speaking.

"Corky proposed to me the second date I had with him and I said no. And I said no for four years," said Dieringer.

The couple has been married for 29 years and say they could not imagine life without the other. They chose to celebrate their anniversary at Beaches Restaurant because Therese likes the atmosphere.

"We like going there because we love being around young people and it is full of young people. I know it is loud but I figure he can't hear anyway and I love the young folks," said Dieringer.

At the end of the meal when the Dieringers asked for their check, they were brought to tears. Someone who had seen them at the restaurant paid their bill.

"God bless them. The kindness and the warmth. This is one anniversary we will never forget because it involved a person or people we do not know. Kindness which is so needed in this world," said Dieringer.